Terms & Conditions

please read the following terms and conditions carefully as it sets out the terms of a legally binding agreement between you  and short world fashion.

i read Packing & Shipping ,Delivery Information,Sale & payment Policy all with carefully.

- The online order is not related to online shipping actual invoice. order value may be different from invoice value

- Online order related to only price,  offer discount etc.

- online account useful to put order,  trace order, current price, discount and offer etc.

- all product have arrange quality standard (for more detail contact us)

Offer & discount

-  We issue membership certificate to every customer.

- offer & discount are valid for the customer who have "Regular Membership" certificate. not for other type of membership.

Wholesale Membership

*Always purchase bale to bale product (every order vaule more them 40,000)

* prices show always  extra less.

* only 5% discount apply (no any other discount apply)

* eligibility for membership is purchase more them 40,000 as bale to bale product 

*update on 15 Feb, 2019