Sale & payment Policy

Product based Candition

Saree Fall

Low order Charge - rs 100

- Rs 100 will be charged if product value  (not include tax, a/c credit etc)  is less them 7000 as low order charge from customer separately on per order


  • All payments should be notified pre and post deposition.
  • Please do keep proofs of your payments with you untill the order is delivered to you. We may ask you details or picture of your payment just as a security protocol for confirmation.
  • Average delivery of product is 3-7 days . On same product , average delivery is 7-30 days. 
  • Before placing order confirm dispatch timing. (Minimum 3 days to  dispatch product)
  • "Packed now and shipped later" based product ARE holded maximum 21 days from date of booking


* Sample prices include shipping charge if only sample are booked. sample are booked with any other product them shipping charge paid by customer.

* standard sample have shade card with three lining & fall based product only

* Low order charge apply in case of sample

* on sample, maximum rs 200 refunds on bale to bale purchase any product at one time only


 your parcels are delivered when complete payment are received to us. 

Ways of payment-

Cash on delivery

Not Available

Indiapost shipping

* maximum 20 kg Per parcel facility

*  we are not responsibility for late delivery

* Indiapsot Parcel charge paid by us (any different in charge can be refund and claim )

Bank Transfer
-  This way of payment Valid for  all member.
-  Products are shipped after received complete payment.
Our Bank Detail

Bank Name: HDFC
Account No: 50200023783451
IFSC code: HDFC0000710

 update on 22th aug, 2020